Aerospace Solutions

Take off to new planets with LICO GmbH Aerospace Technologies.

Experience and innovative power for the aerospace industry

Lico GmbH combines solution-specific concepts and the expertise gained from nearly 40 years in the metals and plastics industry.

The utmost precision and meticulous attention to every detail of manufacturing have gained LICO GmbH an outstanding reputation in the aerospace industry. Its main customers include Airbus Defence and Space. Along with its professional realisation of design specifications, customers particularly value the company’s ability to plan and develop special projects. Because it is a German aerospace company, LICO GmbH’s customers can be confident that they will be provided with a practical solution to their technical challenges promptly and on time. A solution that meets the toughest demands when it comes to the design, concept, manufacture and quality. LICO GmbH’s main product focus is the area of MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment). Within this, the company works in particular on the development and manufacture of special containers, shaker adapters and handling and mounting equipment.

If you are faced with technical challenges or need a customised special development for an aerospace application, please feel free to contact the LICO GmbH team in Munich. Aerospace Solutions made in Germany - for the universe.




LICO GmbH focuses on solutions and provides customised results. If you have any questions or individual requests, our engineers would be delighted to help you directly.