Helicopter Solutions

When innovation is crucial for success.

Cutting edge expertise when it comes to helicopters

LICO GmbH provides professional, customised ground support products covering almost all the ground processes involved in helicopter operation.

Outstanding productivity and practicality: LICO GmbH constantly questions established processes with a view to breaking new ground when it comes to helicopter servicing, maintenance and transport. LICO’s product range makes ground support more efficient and cost-effective – with ground handling wheels, tow bars and maintenance platforms for helicopters. And it does it to the highest quality standards – “Made in Germany”.

Main Rotormast Replacement Kit

Rotor Mast Replacement Kit

The Main Rotor Mast Replacement Kit sets new standards in main rotor mast maintenance as far as work time, manpower and occupational safety are concerned.

Tow Bar Schleppstangen

Tow bars

Safe, fast and practical. LICO’s tow bars have been guaranteeing convenient, safe handling in helicopter transport since 1995.

Transporträdern von LICO

Ground handling wheels

Across the globe, helicopter manufacturers such as Airbus have been building helicopters, hangars and helicopter fleets on LICO’s reliable ground handling wheels. The quality speaks for itself.

Arbeits- und Wartungsbühnen

Maintenance platforms

Our work and maintenance platforms are designed to ensure safe, pleasant working conditions. LICO offers a huge range of variants and individual sizes.

Universal Ground Support

Universal Ground Support

A revolution in ground support – the universal transport set for the convenient handling of all common helicopter models. This LICO system saves space, time and money.

LICO Mounting Trolleys

Mounting Trolley

For the convenient, safe mounting of cameras and searchlights such as the TV FLIR or SX 16. LICO mounting trolleys cut working time and manpower.

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LICO GmbH focuses on solutions and provides customised results. If you have any questions or individual requests, our engineers would be delighted to help you directly.