LICO ground handling wheels

Ground handling wheels for helicopters with skids.
Helikopter mit Transportrad

LICO’s ground handling wheels combine reliable support with simple handling.

To line up helicopters safely and flexibly, carefully designed ground handling wheels are required that can be operated intuitively and ideally by one person. LICO has developed a system that meets precisely these requirements. Ground handling wheels that guarantee fast, simple, flexible handling – and can take weights of up to 4 t. The expertise speaks for itself: LICO GmbH has supplied ground handling wheels to Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) since 1996 and now offers a wide range of products for a number of helicopter types.

And because the Development Department at LICO never stands still, the first universal ground handling wheel was invented in-house. It is a valuable tool that is compatible with all common skid helicopters.

The advantages of LICO ground handling wheels at a glance:

  • reliable & maintenance-free
  • safety flap for mechanical fixing
  • no torsional forces acting on the landing gear
  • compact, without loose parts
  • modular concept & easy assembly
  • highest quality in line with aviation standards
  • lifting action using hydraulic hoists
  • can take loads up to 4 t
  • practical to use

A summary of ground handling wheels:

LICO Transportrad

2131 - The LICO Universal Ground Handling Wheel

One for all – saves space and money.

The Universal Ground Support Equipment Product is compatible with the skids of all standard helicopters. The LICO Universal Ground Handling Wheel can be dismantled into three separate parts in just a few steps. It can thus be stowed in the helicopter’s landing space or stored in the hangar to save space. It is also ideal for off-site maintenance. The flexible skid holder can be swapped over easily and quickly to take the relevant skid. The Universal Ground Handling Wheel also includes a separate hydraulic unit, so it can be easily fixed to the helicopter skids.

The helicopter can thus be moved by hand over short distances without any problems. Over greater distances, the use of a tow bar is recommended. For this, LICO offers the Tow Bar 2000 or the Universal Tow Bar. The Universal Tow Bar has the advantage that it can also be used with all the common helicopters with skids.

Technical data:

item number: 2131

Hydraulic system:

  • Length 220 mm
  • Width 250 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Pressure 400 bar/580 psi
  • Material - aluminium
  • Max. loading capacity 3800 kg, 8400 lb
  • Max. skid level 70 mm
  • Skid holder/special adapter to change for skids –
  • for skids from 70 mm-90 mm diameter


  • Length 360 mm
  • Width 360 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Weight 12 kg (2 pc = 24 kg)
  • Wheel air pressure 6 bar/90 psi
  • Layers per wheel 10
  • Material - Steel/aluminium/rubber
  • Max. raised level of skid 50 mm
  • Max. loading capacity per wheel/wheels 1900 kg/4200 lb, total 3800 kg/8400 lb

The model-specific ground handling wheels

Customised for your helicopter types

The model-specific ground handling wheels are pumped up by a 10 tonne hydraulic jack on the skids of the helicopter and fixed securely. A mechanical locking system makes it impossible for the wheels to come off accidentally during transport. The ground handling wheel is designed in such a way that it can even be used on uneven ground. It will simply roll over obstacles up to 50 mm high. Alternatively, the ground handling wheels can easily be transported with the LICO Tow Bar. Here is the product portfolio for the LICO ground handling wheels:

Lico ground handling wheel

0011 - Ground_handlingwheels_Airbus_Helicopters_H135_EC135_montiert_Hangar.png

The ground handling wheel for the Airbus Helicopters H 145 and H 145M

The LICO Wheel Caddy is recommended for ergonomic handling.

Technical data:

  • Item number 0011
  • Total length 595 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Weight GHW 27.7 kg
  • Max. speed 6 km/h
  • Max. load 17 500 N


LICO Wheel Caddy

1199 – Wheel Caddy for 2 H 135 / EC 135 ground handling wheels

The Wheel Caddy can move two ground handling wheels for the H 135 / EC 135 / H135 M helicopters ergonomically. It can be assembled in a few steps without tools.


LICO Ground handling Wheel for Airbus helicopter H145

2002 – Ground Handling Wheel EC 145/BK117 B-C

The ground handling wheel for the Airbus Helicopters EC 145 and EC 645

Two handles allow the wheels to be transported ergonomically. The hydraulic pumping rod can also be used to push the ground handling wheel.

Technical data:

Total length 595 mm

Width 440 mm

Height 390 mm

Weight GHW 28.3 kg

Max. speed 6 km/h

Loading capacity 22 500 N

Wheel air pressure 6 bar

LICO Transportrad

2079 / 2080 – Ground Handling Wheel H145, H145M (previously EC 145 T2)

The ground handling wheel for the Airbus Helicopters H 145 and H 145M

The wheel has a wide centre of gravity range of around X = 4,665 mm to X = 4,880 mm. To hit the centre of gravity accurately, the two wheels of the ground handling wheel are offset and can be fixed at two X positions of the skid. The coating of the wheel is made from 10 layers and can thus withstand the high stresses easily and absolutely reliably. In addition, built-in safety mechanisms prevent misuse of the hydraulic unit.  

Technical data:

Total length 480 mm

Width 440 mm

Height 490 mm

Weight GHW 35 kg

Max. speed 6 km/h

Loading capacity 20 000 N

Wheel air pressure 8 bar


LICO GmbH focuses on solutions and provides customised results. If you have any questions or individual requests, our engineers would be delighted to help you directly.