Rotor Mast Replacement Kits

A new level of efficiency in helicopter servicing.
Helikopter Rotor Mast

This tool reduces maintenance, repair and overhaul work on the main rotor mast to a minimum.

LICO’s Main Rotor Mast Replacement Kit sets new standards in main rotor mast maintenance as far as work time, manpower and occupational safety are concerned. Previously, up to 2 days were required – now it’s only around 5 hours. With the LICO Rotor Mast Replacement Kit, only one mechanic is needed. And it’s also ideal for off-site maintenance. Laborious overhead work has been reduced to a minimum and the use of improved materials means that the remaining work can be carried out more ergonomically in the helicopter cell. The CE marking complies with all the safety standards. All the tools have been developed and made in Germany, by the LICO Ground Support Equipment team of experts in Unterhaching, Bavaria. In addition, every single tool is subjected to a precise quality check before being dispatched, thus guaranteeing the usual standard of reliability of LICO ground support equipment in OEM quality – fulfilling our “Made in Germany” promise. The competitive price allows customers to buy their own tool kit and ensures that the investment quickly pays off.

2078 - Rotor mast replacement tool

Tool kit for the removal and replacement of the main rotor mast of a BK 117 helicopter

The tool kit comprises three aluminium cases. Inside these cases, the kit components are securely held in foam.

Scope of delivery:
• 2078.10.00.00 Tools in kit 01 for removal and replacement of the main rotor mast
• 2078.20.00.00 Tools in kit 02 for removal and replacement of the main rotor mast of the main frame
• 2078.30.00.00 Additional hydraulics and electronic tools for Kit 01 and Kit 02

Weight:    110 kg

Kit size:    1200 x 800 x 800 mm

Maintenance:    Regular calibration recommended – the calibration can be taken over by LICO

• Only one tool required
• Outstanding high-quality tool, made in Germany
• Saves time and manpower
• Helicopter spends less time on the ground
• Calibrated tool
• Life-long maintenance by LICO

Suitable for the following types of helicopter:
• BK117 A-1
• BK117 A-3
• BK117 A-4
• BK117 B-1
• BK117 B-2
• BK117 C-1
• BK 117/ C-2
• BK 117 C-2e
• BK 117 D-2
• BK 117 D-2m


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