The Tail Boom support, stabilitses the tailboom of the helicopter during maintenance work or during transportation on ships and other vehicles.

Tail Boom Support H145 - TBS- type B

Light tail boom support for indoor maintenance

Compatible with:

Airbus H145 , H135


Contour-matched shell made of plywood with a rubber pad. Stepless adjustment of the height from 1460mm-1860mm 3-leg foot with additional adjustable central support Additional safety bolt for pinning, handling without tools

reliable welded construction adaptable to different landing works.
easy handling ergonomic operation low maintenance low storage size
Can be dismantled thanks to the foldable drawbar
Transport box (in mm: 2200 x 620 x 605)
Length 3 460 mm
Length folded 2 250 mm
Widthmin2 331 mm-Width max 2 731 mm
-Height400 mm
-Weight Tow Bar 100 kg-
Gross Weight 170 kg (Tow Bar + Box)
-Max. Load 8 000 N-
Max. Towing force 15,000 N

All h145 equipment

  1. Color according to customer requirements
  2. custom support for other helicopters available (customer has to provide 3d data of Helicopter conture)

Tail Boom Support Marine - TBS- type C

Corrosion free Tail boom support for outdoor use Stable welded stainless steel construction for high lateral wind loads Application for example on yachts / ships


Airbus H145


Contour-matched shell made of plywood with rubber pad Additional fixation of the tail boom with adjustable bumpers 4 movable load points for tensioning on the ground Adjustment of the height from 1365mm-1760mm Internal suspension 130mm for vertical shock absorbtion. The Tail Boom support is adjustable lockable with two safety pin. A tripod with a central foot for direct transfer of force into the ground.

Adjustable height:1365mm-1760mm , weight 17kg,

Ground handling wheels: GHW - Type a(h135), GHW - Type b(EC145), GHW - Type c(H145)

Color according to customer requirements


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