LICO Tow Bar

Tow bars for helicopters with skids.
Helikopter mit Schleppstange

LICO provides carefully reasoned solutions for helicopter transport.

LICO GmbH is constantly working on making working operations with helicopters as easy, convenient and efficient as possible. This also includes working with tow bars and ground handling wheels. LICO’s product portfolio includes the model-specific Tow Bar 2000 and the first universal tow bar, the Tow Bar 2100.


Schleppstange von Lico

Tow Bar 2000 – customised for specific helicopter models.

The Tow Bar 2000 can be used to manoeuvre helicopters with skids easily. Airports and hangars all over the world along with Airbus Helicopters are already using this carefully conceived system.

The Tow Bar 2000 tow bar is suitable for standard, medium and high landing gears and can be used for various skid widths: 2,000mm, 2,115mm, 2,300 mm, 2,400 mm.

The tow bar is compatible with a wide range of Airbus helicopters. Depending on requirements, tow bars can also be customised for other models.

The Tow Bar 2000 is used in combination with ground handling wheels. The highlight: For transport to the helicopter, the ground handling wheels can be latched on to the empty tow bar using two coupling mechanisms and towed along. A practical solutions that makes working operation easier!

The advantages at a glance:

  • reliable welded construction
  • adaptable to various landing gears  (H145, H135, EC145)
  • simple handling
  • ergonomic operation
  • low-maintenance
  • small storage size due to folding drawbar
  • can be dismantled
  • transport box (in mm: 2200 x 620 x 605)
  • special designs for SCE landing gear
  • can be modified for other helicopters
Schleppstange von Lico

Universal Tow Bar 2100 – the intelligent universal solution for helicopter transport

The first universal tow bar that can be used for any type of helicopter. The solution is simple: The universal tow bar can be fixed to the helicopter skids using a simple locking system. So there’s no need to waste time changing the two bar for different types of helicopter. In the future, you’ll only need one two bar for all skid helicopter. With its practical folding mechanism, the universal Tow Bar 2100 only takes up a small amount of storage space.

In combination with the new universal ground handling wheel, the two bar guarantees safe handling of your helicopter. Just ask us about the right universal ground handling wheel for your helicopter type.


LICO GmbH focuses on solutions and provides customised results. If you have any questions or individual requests, our engineers would be delighted to help you directly.