Special Solutions

Special engineering for individual requirements.

Optimising, automating or simplifying tasks

LICO GmbH develops and constructs innovative solutions with the aim of making industrial processes safer, easier and more efficient.

In some areas of work, unexpected challenges can arise now and again for which there is no “off the peg" solution. This is where a spirit of innovation is called for. LICO GmbH sees itself as a company with a generalist understanding of material, equipment and technical processes. In the LICO factory in Bavaria, the fresh, innovative strengths of the engineers are welded together with our well-established mechanical engineering expertise. This creates a crucial symbiosis for developing and realising customised special engineering concepts. The experience accumulated by our team allows them to take an expert view of our customers’ technological questions and requirements. Our customers are mainly from the aerospace industry, but we have also been fully responsible for developing interdisciplinary projects in the past, to everyone’s complete satisfaction. And the advantage is that you are provided with a special solution conveniently, from one source. Planning and development can also cover the regular maintenance of your equipment, if required.

The staff at LICO GmbH are there to help the customer. That means that projects are carried out hand in hand and in close collaboration. After all, it’s all about producing customised special equipment to the highest quality standards in order to improve the performance of internal processes in the long term.

If you have any specific inquiries about a special solution, please contact LICO GmbH.



LICO GmbH focuses on solutions and provides customised results. If you have any questions or individual requests, our engineers would be delighted to help you directly.